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Let The Games Begin!

>> Thursday, December 21, 2006

Three Days. I figure that's enough time.

Yep, Famous Last Words. I know. I am knocking on the wooden table, pounding on it, actually, as I type them.

Last night whilst shopping for dog food, packing tape and gifts for the girls from their grandparents (and other assorted items that weren't on my list but ended up in my cart) I decided that this weekend was THE WEEKEND. Doug will be home. We have no place to be for the majority of the weekend. It Is TIME!


Tweleve pair of Big Girl Panties. The games begin Saturday morning. Bets are being taken in the comments section. Who will prevail? How long will it take for one team to break? Choose your day (1, 2 or 3) and time by the hour. Whoever guesses the closest "first potty time" (meaning Brenna says she has to potty and makes it) or "mommy's breaking point" gets an amazing prize! Bet early, bet often!

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