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Christmas Joy Begins

>> Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yesterday we pulled all the Christmas decor from the attic above the garage and began the December ritual of decorating. Doug put out the yard ornaments with only two breaks to thaw himself.

Tonight's plans were included a fireplace photo op for the girls and tree decorating. Ahhh, the best laid plans...

We had the girls dressed and ready. We prepared the beanbag prop for Caelan, Brenna jumped on it and didn't want to get off. We removed Brenna, got Caelan situated.... And Brenna refused to sit down again. After trying for a short time with tears, kicking and screaming we decided that we will try again tomorrow. If there is no cooperation I suppose Caelan will appear solo. Look at that smirk.

Tree trimming had to be rethought this year. Breakable ornaments up, kid friendly ornaments down. No glass balls. The tree looks a little bare. Brenna did have fun rearranging "her" ornaments, finding the perfect place.

As for decorating the house... Not so much. The banisters can't be wrapped in evergreen- Brenna uses them when she walks downstairs. Table decorations- if you must ask you have never had a two-year-old.

So I have a half decorated house. I suppose it will be that way for a few years. Maybe when I can decorate fully again I can morph into Meritt.

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