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Day 1

>> Saturday, December 23, 2006

I know that everyone- OK just TKW, but she's an important chickie- is interested in how day 1 of operation "Big Girl Panties" progressed.

Well, I can tell you that it didn't really go quite as I planned. When I made the big potty plans I completely forgot that we had family portraits scheduled this morning. Here is my beautiful family:

Here's how Caelan felt about all the picture-taking:
Adorable, isn't she?

Here's Brenna posing:

And here is my bestest present:

So we had a great photo session and yummy ice cream while we waited for our photos to print. Mmmmm....

Then back home we came. Of course it was nap time when we got here so everyone headed off to bed. After naps Doug took Brenna and headed out to do his Christmas shopping (the first chance he's had in 20 days).

Our first chance for big girl panties didn't come until 5:30 this evening. Just getting Brenna into the panties was a production. No matter how fun they are to play with putting them on is something else all together.

We've had one wet pair of drawers so far. And now, since it's bedtime, I guess we're done for today. I'm pretty sure Brenna didn't learn anything today as Doug grabbed her as soon as she wet herself. Me, I want her to be uncomfortable.

Ahh, tomorrow is another day.

Update: So, the stairs we trekked to get the girls to bed. Brenna & I are in the bathroom cleaning a humidifier; Doug is cuddling Caelan. Water is running. Need I say more? Now answer me this: I sit the girl on the potty with water running & get no results. She stands beside me with water running and pees through her drawers. **sigh**

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