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Pope John Paul II

>> Friday, April 01, 2005

Jarod very briefly touched on this over at his blog. I kind of want to expand.

Like Jarod, he's the only Pope I've ever known and his imminent death saddens me. I can vaguely remember his election to the Papacy and his world-wide trip shortly thereafter. He visited Iowa. I was 8. Many of my Catholic schoolmates saw him on that visit. Not being Catholic- or overly religious- my family did not. I wish we had.

The coverage of this reminds me of the coverage following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Even with nothing new to say the coverage doesn't break. It is close to 4am in Vatican City and St. Peters Square is swarming with people. I think this is very telling. This was a Pope that people loved, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He touched many people.

As I think about what to write I have been reading other blogs. Merrit wrote a very eloquent piece.

The steps the Vatican will follow after the Pontiff's death will be carried out as it has for hundreds of years. As a history geek I have read quite a bit about the ceremonies and hope the coverage will continue to be thorough.

My prayers go out to him for a peaceful passage.

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