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Texting + Driving =

>> Monday, June 02, 2008

A big mess.

Our neighborhood has a lot of those big, fancy, brick mailboxes. You know... The ones that match the houses and three or four mailboxes are all together...

Well, Saturday evening a 16 year old kid was texting while driving. And this mailbox got in his way:

I have no idea how fast he was going. I do know that the airbags in his Honda (yes, a Honda did that!) went off and he was able to drive home (how did those bricks not total his car???). He had to hit it hard to throw the top as far as he did... Luckily he wasn't hurt.

So, for all you with kids who are driving... You might want to remind them not to text while driving.

And, no, I'm not really sure where the mail carrier is going to put their mail...


The Fritz Facts 5:27 PM  

That just drives me nuts. I saw a kid texting while driving, and a cop saw him too. Pulled him over. Kids do not make the best choices.

Anonymous 8:17 PM  

I've seen adults texting, eating and driving all at the same time - insane!

I have a headset for my cell but in heavy traffic, I don't answer. There is no one worth risking my life (or anyone else, for that matter) that can't wait for a few minutes for me to call them back.

Fantastagirl 8:37 PM  

I don't text and drive, I use the head-set if I need to talk and drive... just not worth an accident.

Anonymous 12:41 AM  

Yikes! I've gotten so I watch for people messing with their phones and stay clear.

Anonymous 12:42 AM  

Oops! That anonymous was me, got a little ahead of myself with the enter button :)

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