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Oh, Vista, How I Hate You

>> Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I've had Vista for over a year now and every day I find new reasons to hate it. Even with additional RAM my computer is slow... Half of my software doesn't work- even with the patches... Suddenly, out of nowhere, my computer will freeze or, even more frustrating, certain functions will stop working and you don't know it until you are half way through something...

But... I'm not a Mac fan, either. OK, I don't know much about Mac anymore but I know it used to be difficult to buy anything that wasn't Apple related and get it to work with a Mac.

What I do know about Mac is their ad team is funny. Seriously funny.

Oh, this collection... Laughing so hard...

And the one that got me started... So witty...


sue 9:11 AM  

Luckily, so far, my work has not upgraded to Vista ... for obvious reasons. My desktop will not be upgraded either, for awhile (I hope) as I just got a new one when I could still choose XP. Hate to admit it, but I did get an Apple Mac Book Pro laptop and I LOVE IT. I was always against Mac because they didn't have the range of software, but now I have my hard drive partitioned and it will run my windows files as well as Apple and I have some software that will work with both. I have had zero problems with it, except for my own stupidity in figuring out how some of the basics work... (too many years as a PC nerd).

Good luck with Vista! Oh, and I think the commercials are hilarious.

Anonymous 11:00 AM  

Hey dude,

The Mac Ads are hilarious. And all I can say about Macs *now* is a lot has changed. Files work together, a lot more software works together. The only big difference for PC is still in Games... but since you can partition your Mac and run Windows on it... that's not much of an issue either.

Anonymous 10:49 PM  

I don't know. I actually like Vista. Once I turned off UAC, I could install my old software easily. The computer isn't slow -- and my computer runs on the standard two gigs.

The real issue to me seems to be not that of Vista, but of personal and business spending decisions. Companies don't want to upgrade hardware or software all that often; neither do most people when it comes to software. You want to keep Office 2003 for a while longer because you put so much money into it -- even though you've gotten more than your money's worth long ago. As a result, when it's time to upgrade the OS, you want to avoid upgrading all the other software too. But you find that because Vista doesn't fully work with old software, you may not be able to do so.

Meanwhile the companies that just want to upgrade to Vista find out that they actually have to upgrade their hardware in order to run it because it requires more memory capacity than XP. The company, of course, wants to avoid any major capital spending campaigns in order to fatten the bottom line. As a result, they do the equivalent of putting a Ferrari engine into a Pinto. And get the expected result.

Jody 1:24 PM  

Since Doug is a Microsoft developer I have all the latest and greatest they have to offer. My computer is s l o w- even with extra RAM. And even the newest products have problems with Vista. It wasn't well developed before it was released.

Anonymous 1:01 PM  

But Jody, I'd have to say that when it comes to the new software, developers have been slow on developing their software so it can be Vista compliant. Creative, Pro Tools, even Adobe have been cited by numerous folks (both people I know and on blogs such as Windows Supersite) for not getting up to speed. Hardware folks are also being stubborn about Vista upgrading: The Bluetooth adapters from Kensington, for example, is still only workable for XP; you have to get a patch from Kensington's Web site in order for the adapter to be Vista compliant. And if you are upgrading from an old computer with less than 2 gigs ram and 160 gigs of hard drive space (at least for laptops), you're going to have trouble.

At the end of the day, Microsoft can't accommodate every developer who refuses to make their software compliant to OS and every person who decides that they don't want to buy another computer. And in an age in which really good computers can be bought for under $1,000, there are few reasons for anyone to not upgrade to a truly Vista-ready computer (any computer brought to market after Summer 2007). Choices have their consequences.

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