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Cutting More Costs

>> Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well, we are on day 2 without TV (can't even get the local channels without some sort of antenna) and I have noticed a couple of things. 1) Brenna eats better when there is no TV and 2) I don't have cartoon songs stuck in my head all day.

My "assignment" for today is to call our cell provider and cut our bill down. I have no idea how it keeps creeping up but I think it may have to do with small children playing with my phone and connecting to the internet or downloading things.

I also have to call our home phone provider and get rid of it. Of course they will do what they can to get me to keep it... Ugh. I hate the hard sell...

And I have to call our investment guy and cut our monthly IRA and SEP deposits. At least he's expecting it so I don't have to talk my way through it again.

As a side story... Brenna and Caelan will both be in preschool this year at the same place where they take gymnastics. I asked the ladies at the front desk what I would be paying so I could figure my budget. "Are you doing Dave?" they asked. Of course that led to stories of budgets, successes and overcoming denial. I told them yesterday's story of the habit of pulling out the debit card at the grocery store...

It's funny... When you "do Dave" you seem to meet lots of others who "do Dave", too.


Sincerely Iowa 3:10 PM  

A couple years ago when we first started "doing Dave" we didn't know anyone else that did, with the exception of the few people in our FPU class.

Now, I run into people ALL the time that are in the process of working his plan. It's amazing!

Sincerely Iowa 3:10 PM  
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Debi 7:54 AM  

Hi! I'm new to reading your blog -- found it by 'accident'! :) But, I'm originally from Iowa, but recently transplanted to KC, and therefore was thrilled to read a blog from an Iowan, because I miss it up there! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and let you know that I enjoy your blog and that my husband and I, "Do Dave" as well! :)


Doug H 1:53 PM  

Hi Debi, Welcome!


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