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Side Projects and Sales

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

Doug has a “side project” he work on with a physician friend of his. Back before we had kids I worked with them a bit, doing sales and presentations at medical trade shows. I learned a lot about physicians at those shows… Especially how frugal they are. Seriously, they really don’t want to spend any money- even if it will make their work more productive and save them from the possibility of law suits. It’s amazing.

So you can imagine working with a frugal physician who is also trying to become an entrepreneur. It’s agonizing. He has a great product but until he puts money in to trade show display graphics and presentation he’s destined to be overlooked.

Really, it’s amazing the presentations that have to be put on to get noticed at trade shows. It’s an industry in itself. And if he ever comes around to my way of thinking (which he will one he thinks it’s his way of thinking) I’ll send him straight to the Godfrey Group for a professional display that will have even the most frugal physician standing in line to see what he’s got. Because, honestly, I would really love for Doug to make some money off all the work he's done with this.


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