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Iowa Republicans Going Conservative

>> Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's about time. The GOP primary last night singled out conservative candidates, at least for the races I am interested in. Now we just have to follow through and get them elected in November.

In Iowa's 2nd Congressional District, the more conservative candidate won.

For the Senate, the more conservative GOP candidate will face liberal Tom Harkin.

For Iowa House District 69, it will be Erik Helland.

Iowa House District 70 had two conservatives running for the GOP nomination. Kevin Koester will be on the ballot in November. I hope to see more of Jeff Wright in the future though.

Republicans have an opportunity. We have some candidates that can really differentiate themselves from the Democrats - unlike 2 years ago when voters couldn't tell the difference between Republican Jim Leach and his opponent (he lost). A lot of Iowans are NOT happy with Congress, both the US Congress and at the State level. I think the candidates I've profiled above would represent Iowa well.


Jody 9:45 PM  

Yes, but is there any way we can get a conservative senate and congress to balance the liberal president we are bound to have. People follow him like lemmings... I'm terrified.

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