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Isn't There a Drought Somewhere That Could Use This?

>> Sunday, June 08, 2008

To say we've had a lot of rain is a complete understatement. We've had torrents of rain dump in mere minutes, taking our quiet creek to a raging river.

We arrived home just a bit ago and the lack of rain yesterday was completely negated by storms that came in very eary this morning and have continued all day. More storms are on the way tonight and probably for the next few days. The creek is just as full as it was when we left- if not just a bit fuller.


My brother has been called out for storm duty again- I'm not sure if he's in "waiting" mode or if he's gone somewhere, we haven't heard from him since he got called to show up. It was difficult for him to go as his basement is flooding. The ground is saturated, the storm sewers are filled and the water has nowhere else to go. But he didn't have to worry too much as my dad, my brother and my BIL all went over and installed two sump pumps and have been running wet/dry vacs. Doug took over our large dehumidifier when we got home so they have three running. Now the rain just needs to stop so it can actually get dry.


Fantastagirl 6:29 PM  

I don't know if your brother is coming our way - but the EMA has requested assistance from the NG - as our town is getting ready for the worst flood we've ever had. Should be 9 to 10 feet above flood stage by 1:00 Monday - and should crest by tuesday 7 pm... yeah, we need an ark.

The Fritz Facts 10:25 PM  

That is just nasty. Wow.

I know they called a civil evacuation in Southern MN this afternoon, as a town that flooded badly last year was about to go through it again. Man this weather is just not letting up.

Tamara 8:28 AM  

hmm, your brother's house sounds like ours a month or so ago!

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