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The Name Game

>> Monday, June 16, 2008

My church seems to have baby booms every few months. I’m in charge of scheduling volunteers for our nursery and we seem so have busy times and slow times. Right now we are experiencing a downswing, kids are aging out of the nursery and we are having fewer little ones to watch.

Fortunately my church has lots of young families and more babies are expected to join us soon. We’ll have no births for a while and then- bam- half a dozen in a few days. It’s fun.

What’s also fun is hearing the names that are chosen. Because we are a very faith based church there seem to be many names chosen from the Bible. It’s kind of cool.

I remember when I was trying to find just the right names for my girls. Before I knew their sex (oh, yes, I wanted to know so I could prepare. Please, I’m a control freak.) I had no problem assembling lists of boy names. There were a couple that showed up on the Top 100 Baby Boy Names list (Logan and Aiden) but most were taken from Irish lists, books and documents.

But girl’s names…. Argh! I had the worst time with girl’s names. I wanted names that were unique without being strange (we have a friend who named her child Nevaeh- heaven spelled backwards. I think it's awful.) I checked out the Top 100 Baby Girl Names but none were right.

I ended up finding the perfect names in Nora Roberts novels (a couple of her Irish novels, to be exact. Go figure.)

How did you find the perfect name(s) for your kid(s)? Did you use family names? Did you search high and low?


Melody 3:24 PM  

Since my husband is Irish :) we have ALL irish names. The first one was picked out by me just because I liked it, the second one we found in a baby book and the third one came from TV.

The Fritz Facts 8:55 PM  

Boo's names are family names, both first and middle. My grandma is the first and Hubby's grandma is second. I love using family names. It means more to me, and will to her when she hears how wonderful her grandma's were.

vw bug 6:23 AM  

I made a list of my favorite names. Then hubby marked out the ones he didn't like. Afterwards, we decided which one would be the name. We used the exact same list for the second child.

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