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Not Sure This Is Helping

>> Friday, June 13, 2008

So... I broke down and bought a pedometer to help myself figure out how much I was walking and how much I should step it up. (HA HA, step it up... Walking... Get it?)

Anyway, I wore it all day yesterday and was rather appauled that it read just under 3000 steps for the day. Surely that can't be right since I took a walk to the park (which, according to Google maps, was a 1.4 mile loop) and around the park. According to Walk For Life's website one mile is about 4526 steps for me...

Something is definately wrong. Today the girls and I have been garage sale-ing. One area was a neighborhood sale- just under a mile of walking yet my pedometer is showing only 1074 steps. It's discouraging.

I bought a pretty good pedometer. It has a case so it can't get bumped and reset. I have it clipped to the waist of my jeans, in the "crease line", just like I'm supposed to. But it's not seeming to track my steps.

Any one out there use one of these things? I hate to waste the money I spent on it- granted it was on sale but it wasn't so cheap that I'm willing to throw it away. (I need to go pull the plastic box out of the garbage in case I decide to return it.)


Ornery's Wife 11:44 AM  

I bought a couple at a garage sale for 50 cents each. They only counted steps, not distance, and they worked great. The instructions were hilarious, though. Sounds to me like you got a bad one and should take it back.

PS I only wore it once then gave it to my mil. Ornery wears his often and says it works well. Maybe you should look for a cheap one?

The Fritz Facts 12:47 PM  

I would take it back, and try a different one. Sometimes they can count if it gets bumped, even in a case. Or when she bend down, because that can simulate a walking movement.

Cindy 10:20 PM  

Again, wish I could be more help. I had the exact same problem with the one I got when I tried wearing one. I finally gave up!

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