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A Short- But Long- Weekend

>> Sunday, June 29, 2008

We took a little roadtrip over to the Amana Colonies this weekend with a small group from church. As we have been there multiple times and the other never had we were the official tour leaders. Which is fine, but the Amanas don't really require leaders. You just sort of meander and "take it in", if you know what I mean. I think everyone had a good time...

My little family stayed at the waterpark hotel just a few minutes from there. Brenna had a great time on the big waterslide and Caelan even splashed around a bit in the wading pool. Doug accompanied Brenna on her waterslide adventures and I waded with Caelan. Yes, the hotel was not in the budget but I'll write about it over at Have Kid Will Travel so it's a write off, at least.

Of course even small trips can take a lot out of you and I am exhausted. So I'm off to bed. No, it's not even 8:30 yet; what of it?

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Sally 9:27 PM  

I've been there years ago when we visited my Granddad. Glad you guys had a good weekend.

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