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My Big Weekend ALONE!

>> Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tomorrow Doug leaves for a guys camping weekend on our land near Lake Ozark in Missouri. It's going to be the final camping trip to this land as Doug told me last night that we are going to let the land go.

I have to credit the FPU classes with this as I have mentioned getting rid of the land in the past and was told that "land is an investment". That said, I know that it was a big decision for Doug to let it go (we talked about it but I ultimately left the decision to him) and I am thankful that Doug values our security (and my peace of mind) more than a piece of land.

The girls will be off to their grandmother's house for the weekend. Yes, I completely planned it that way. As soon as they leave Friday I am going to empty my kitchen and super-clean the wood floor. In all honesty it need stripped and resealed but I don't have the time for that because I'm also going to clean out my refrigerator, sort through toys (keep, donate, sell), clothes (ditto) and deep clean the girls' bedroom.

And then I'm going scrapbooking Saturday night.

Speaking of scrapbooking- tomorrow is scrap bribing. I've got a great prize lined up- even if you aren't a traditional scrapbooker you're gonna want to enter for this one. Trust me- it's good.


The Fritz Facts 6:50 AM  

You are a lucky girl!! Enjoy the weekend, it does go fast! I can't beleive it was Thursday and Boo was home.

Anonymous 7:18 AM  

Admit it though - it will be very quiet and you will miss them. Mom

Sara 8:43 AM  

Man, I love scrapbooking! Is it a girl's weekend, or just a night crop? Where do you go?

Jill 10:27 AM  

Have a wonderful weekend. I can't remember the last time I had a weekend all to myself. At least 3 years ago. **sigh**

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 4:35 PM  

Raging with jealousy...

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