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A Shower Story

>> Friday, March 03, 2006

I have been having trouble loading anything Blogger on my laptop for days. Today I decide to use the "geek bar computer" and viola! everything loads quickly. So it must be my laptop. Grrr!

Not that I really have much to say. Life here at Casa Geek has been pretty dull. I'm still exhausted and the afternoons bring on a feeling nausea, usually before I begin to clean the house and think about making dinner. Hmmm, could there be a connection? I have tried taking my prenatal vitamins at different times to see if the vitamins are bringing on the gack. They don't seem to be, which is good.

Yesterday brought the usual activity- a visit to the local gymnastics center so Brenna could play with other kids- which meant that I had to shower. Showers haven't been the same since we moved in to the new house.

When we were in Ireland Brenna had her first showers. There was no choice as the B&Bs only had showers. To say that Brenna hated them is an understatement. The minute she heard the water start she would scream. Needless to say, we made short work of bathing her.

Fast forward to the new house. We have a large walk in shower with a "rain" showerhead and a seat. There is plenty of room for Brenna to enter and stand to the side where she only gets a little wet. She spent a couple of weeks opening and closing the shower door (while I was showering) before she worked up the nerve to enter (fully clothed). As this kept happening I decided to just cut to the chase and stripped her down to a diaper as I prepared to shower. And now we have a system.

I prepare the shower, get myself ready, strip Brenna nekkid and she runs to the shower. She stands to the side as I do my best to clean myself then I bend down and she gets a scrub and dragged under the water. Warm lotion application is next; then I get out, wrap a towel around my head and put on a robe then wrap her in a big fluffy towel and deposit her in my warm bed (putting a diaper on her before I have a chance to regret putting her in the bed) where she enjoys the Doodlebops or the Wiggles while I finish my morning rituals.

Yep, she has a tough life. Someday when she tells me that I'll show her all these posts about her awful childhood. :)
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