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Something's In The Shower With Mommy

>> Monday, March 13, 2006

As I mentioned in A Shower Story it is rare that I get to shower alone. Today was no exception. I said "shower" and Brenna ran for my room. The Wiggles weren't enough to keep her away.

Somewhere between the kitchen and the shower someone filled her diaper. OK, no problem. A quick clean up before entering the shower.

And we're in. I begin washing my hair and give Brenna a washcloth. In a couple of minutes I smell something. I don't give it much thought since there is a dirty diaper in the room.

I rinse the shampoo from my hair and apply conditioner. I open my eyes and look at Brenna. And see a curious brown mass on the floor of the shower.

You guessed it! Brenna pooped in the shower. Poop in my shower. UGH! Luckily the toilet is very close. I- very carefully- kneel down, open the shoer door and grab some TP with my very wet hands. I scoop the poop and deposit it into the toilet. Blech! And then I dump soap in the affected corner and rinse. Alot.

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