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Brenna the Bully

>> Thursday, March 16, 2006

Zippy videos seems to be down! Damn! I have a great clip of two cabinet monsters that I wanted to share! Later, I promise!

After a morning of fun, running and laughter I settled the monsters down for lunch- pigs in blankets, veggies and string cheese. Brenna stripped her pig, Koen ignored his veggies. I enjoyed a couple of biscuits, warm from the oven, covered in honey. Mmmmmm... More, please.

Then naptime. We set up Brenna's toddler bed last night just for today. Koen snuggled down and went right to sleep. Brenna fussed and wanted in with Koen. Yeah, like either of them would have slept. She quieted down in a few minutes and we all settled down for what I hoped would be a l.o.n.g nap.

I fell instantly asleep- thanks to my restless pregnancy dreams from last night (influenced by Monday night's episode of Medium which we watched last night. Man, I love the TiVo)- and was roused much too soon by fussing and hiccups.

One hour, folks. She napped for one hour. And she wanted cousinn Koen to wake up, too. I removed her from the room and Koen slept for 2 more hours. TWO MORE HOURS!!! Why can't my kid sleep like that?

So now it is 3:18pm according to the clock on the geeky bar computer and the kids are enjoying goldfish crackers and juice and being entertained by Toy Story and jumping on a foam chair. When Brenna isn't stealing Koen juice, crackers or upsetting him in some other way. Every few minutes I have to "fix" something. My floor is covered in baby goldfish. Oh, well. That's what the dog is for. :)

I was thinking about tacos for dinner but I am close to having Doug pick up a pizza. Mmmm, meat & cheese. Yep, I think that is going to happen.

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