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Why aren't more news outlets carrying this?

>> Monday, February 27, 2006

The anti-war trope "Iraq had no WMDs" has always seemed wierd to me. I mean, Saddam USED these weapons on several occations, even on his own people. To say that he never had any is either naive or willfully obtuse.

Analysts are still decoding/translating/analysing documents captured during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As more of the material is declassified, the anti-war position crumbles. Read this from the Investors' Business Daily. Saddam not only had a chemical/biological program but was close with the nuclear program. Since several thousand terrorists received training and safe-haven in Iraq, he had the delivery capability too.

UPDATE: More coverage from people smarter than myself
Dafydd ab Hugh: Saddam's WMD - the Company Strikes Back

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