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Sunday Morning

>> Sunday, May 15, 2005

Doug is still abed and baby is napping beside him. I have been up since 6:30 am. Brenna has been fed & nursed (twice), I have read a magazine and a half, have folded a load of laundry and planned tonight's dinner. (The sun is shining for the first time in a week. We are grilling.)

Merrit seems to be having a rough day. Poor thing. Sometimes I just don't know how she holds it all together. I'm sure that I may "be" her one day. I only hope that I am as good at it.

So many things I should do:

I should dust. I can see marks on the tables in the living room. I hate that.
I should vacuum. Oops, not while people are sleeping. The Kirby is anything but quiet.
I should put away the things that didn't sell from yesterday's garage sale.
I should brush the dog. Hmmm, I may do that.
I should make a pattern for a Renaissance dress for Brenna. Just a simple smock. Yes, we dress for those things. Great fun.
I should get off this computer. Now. Really. I should go. Now.

Tearing... myself... away... NOW!!!

Really gonna do it this time.

Man, I don't want to be productive.

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