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Once Upon A Time...

>> Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In a green and sunny land there lived a princess. This princess, being the first child of her parents, was much loved and had all a princess could desire.

Unfortunately the princess was born to "common" folk, not a King and Queen. Not even a Duke and Duchess (although her parents had queried the purchase of such a title.

And, though the common folk knew that most people regarded their darling daughters to be princesses, they also knew that one thing, and one thing only, would truly make her a princess. (No, they did not track down Prince William & truss him up. Although that son of the exiled Prince of Greece is young enough to be a future option.)

So they did what had to be done. They bought her a castle.

The Princess in Her Castle

Back View

At Target, of course. :) Don't you just love the flags? She even has a "palace guard"-- bottom photo at right. It's the fuzzy guy with 4 legs. :)

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