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Hectic KOTK #4 Post

>> Friday, May 13, 2005

Karnival of the Kidz #4. Where did my week go? I have nothing to post!! And no time to do so this weekend before this needs to be submitted. My sister & I will be having a garage sale Saturday. YIKES! I swore I'd never participate in one of those again. Ugh. Never say never, I guess.

Brenna had her 6 month "well baby" checkup this past Wednesday. I am pleased to report that she is incredibly healthy. New stats: 15 lb 13 oz, 26 1/4" long. She had 2 shots and handled them both with barely a wimper.

I hope you enjoy the photos. (of course you will. Noone can resist such a happy baby.)

Smiles & Flowers

My Favorite I was singing "Patty Cake" to her. Makes her smile every time.

So happy!

Can you resist those little toes? I can't. I nibble on them morning & night. SIGH

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