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>> Saturday, May 28, 2005

Today we took Brenna to her very first Renaissance Festival. She was an angel; smiling for everyone who said hello to her and garnering so many compliments.

Brenna at her first Fest

If you look closely at the blanket you will notice that her name is at the top. Her last name is at the bottom. And the plaid has celtic knots. It was made for Brenna by one of our dear friends. She wove a perfect blend of my Irish and Doug's English heritage into that blanket. I think she did a wonderful job.

Now, I mentioned that Brenna received many compliments, but she was outdone by the pram. So many people complimented us on the buggy. I even had people offer to buy it.

The buggy

My grandmother bought it at an auction about 3 months before I was born. When I had Brenna my mother passed it on to me. It has seen better days and has spent years in a basement. I hope to have some restoration done on it someday, but, for today, it was perfect. I have no idea how old it is; best guess is at least 110 years. It really stood out from all the wagons and strollers.

Now, if we had gone to the festival in our street clothes I'm sure the "normal" stroller would have been just fine. But what fun is that? We dress to fest:

All dressed to fest
I made both my costume and Brenna's. (I should have taken better photos. I'm pretty crafty.) I actually made them to match Doug's jacket. Don't we look like Lord & Lady of the Manor?

And now the Lady of the Manor must sign off. Where is my Lady in Waiting to draw my bath? And the kitchen wench to make my tea? And my laundress? Crap. I guess I must do it all myself....

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