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TiVo for Brenna

>> Wednesday, February 09, 2005

For the second day in a row the lovely Miss Brenna has decided to nap in her toy tunnel. Insert thumb in mouth, close eyes, fall asleep. This happens right before Sesame Street.

Now, Doug & I aren't big TV watchers. There are maybe 3 shows that we (I) watch religiously: Medium, Law & Order SVU and Law & Order. But what we really enjoy the TiVo for are shows on the History Channel and the Travel Channel. Oh, and Queer Eye. :) Everything I want to see is either on while I'm busy with Brenna & the whole business of being "mommy" or way past my bedtime (9 pm).

Anyway, back to my story. Brenna is sleeping through Sesame Street which is really the only TV she sees. And even though she doesn't understand it she seems to enjoy it. She giggles and bounces when she sees Grover and she "talks" to Cookie Monster. And it's full of colors and songs. Plus education. I like for her to see it. So Brenna now has a "Season Pass" for Sesame Street. I think I'll try playing it during the afternoon- a little downtime for us both.

And now, for a restaurant review. Last night we had dinner at PF Chang's. We received a gift certificate as a Christmas gift otherwise, I can honestly say, we wouldn't have gone. We have both been to this restaurant in other cities and, myself, I wasn't impressed. So, here's my review of the West Des Moines location:

The service and hospitality are top notch. Really. And the food is good. Not fabulous, which it really should be for what they charge. We began with a Steamed Shrimp Dumpling. Quite good. And large, which was nice. For our main courses we chose Cantonese Scallops and Kung Pao Shrimp. Both were good but would have been better if the scallops had been Kung Pao and the shrimp Cantonese (which is an option). We finished with a (ginormous) piece the Great Wall of Chocolate. 6 layers of chocolate. We brought half of it home. OK, the cake was wonderful.

The worst thing about the place is that the tables are shoved so close together. I'm all for maximizing space but this was rediculous. When we were leaving a waitress was boxing up leftovers for a table along the main walk-way. And the tables were so close together that it was almost impossible for us to exit another way without beaning someone with Brenna's carrier. But that is what we had to do. I don't think there was any permanent damage done.

Will we go there again? Nope, not unless we are given a gift certificate. There is a Chinese place around the corner from us. Family owned, by people who speak Chinese, frequented by Chinese people, and who charge half as much as PF Chang's for food that is much better.

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