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Just Another Mommy Monday

>> Monday, February 07, 2005

Brenna is watching Sesame Street and I have a few minutes to sit down. Super Grover is teaching SuperHero School and they saved a letter H from being stomped by a huge elephant. Brenna is singing along with the TV and bouncing in her chair. So cute.

Daddy Geek is sick today. I think he has what I had last weekend. I actually told him to stay home from work today- and he did. He must be feeling bad.

My brother Jarod & his girlfriend joined us for the Super Bowl last night. To be honest they joined us for the commercials and we kind of watched football.

Kinkos had a great spot in the first quarter: FedEx/Kinko's, "Top 10" Fedex and Kinkos get together and produce a Top 10 list that every successful commercial must have. Burt Reynolds getting kicked in the groin by, a bear no less, which is always funny, highlighted the list. Might have the lasting power to be the best of the night. Ameriquest's "Costly Mistake" was good physical humor.

In my opinion the second quarter didn't have much to amuse me. Half time kind of sucked, too. Ford had it's "Frozen Mustang" commercial. They showed it half a dozen times before, during & after the game. Loads of cash to promote the car.

The third quarter was by far the best. First Anheiser Busch had it's "Honoring Our Troops" spot. Touching. I shed a few tears. And there was the best commercial of the bunch: Ameriquest's "Bad Kitty". You must see this one (use the commercials link above). Spaghetti sauce, white cat & knife. Funny stuff. Actually replayed it- thank you TiVo!

And the fourth quarter was kind of a bust. Over all I was disappointed in the commercial offerings. At least our munchies were tasty.

Sesame street is brought to you today by the number 13 and the letter H.

I am "modeling" today at the local cosmetology school. They have a guest instructor in from Quebec and she is going to be demonstrating product use and technique on me. On my face. Yep, I get a facial. I am so psyched about this. I love spa services.

Elmo's World just came on. As this tends to bore Brenna (she much prefers Cookie Monster) I should do some laundry before she demands my attention.

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