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Iowa Bloggers Unite!- the aftermath

>> Sunday, February 27, 2005

Here’s the liveblog from Wellman’s Pub. Okay not technically a liveblog in that I’m posting this after the fact, but you get the drift. Be prepared as I’m going to pass a laptop around the rather large table of people and get their reactions to putting a face to the blogger…

So, Princess Brenna is at Merrit’s. Her first real babysitter. So far I’m handling it well.

So, again, the laptop will traverse the very long table of Iowa Bloggers so everyone can say “hello” to our audience. (We did this once and Blogger reverted to the WiFi homepage. Not sure who to blame for that? Anyway, we'll be in Word this time)

Love do-overs… Hi from Brett, having a reat time meeting everyone and talking to new folks… we need to do this more often. And as the drink continues, I’ll have the pictures to use for fun and profit later,

Hi from Don of Tusk and Talon
This is from Blogspot where nothing can possibly go wnogr.

Greetings from Kris of Anywhere But Here, wearing my Nuke The Moon shirt and enjoying the company of all these weird Iowa types.

This is Joe from the Tax Update (www.rothcpa.com/taxupdates.com). I will use this festive occasion to announce that you can now reach the blog from the user-friendly www.taxupdatesblog.com. Almost all of my heroes are here (but for 29), and some new ones. Thanks, Jeff!

Jeff is the monster stud of blogger get togethers. Hi from David Hogberg of Hog Haven. Drove from D.C. to get here. Bit of advice: Do not leave Iowa to go to D.C. I don’t want the competition.

Hey this is red fish from purplefishguts (http://purplefishguts.blogspot.com ). I win the contest for the strangest blog name. Lots of laughs…and not all at my expense!

Hello. Jeff from Tusk and Talon. Great to see everyone here. It’s great being able to put some faces with the names.

Until blogger lost my first post I had the wittiest comments. Damn. Chad (http://www.tuskandtalon.blogspot.com)

[Iowa Libertarian:] We’re talking about meth production now. Things have taken an ugly turn. I’ve been accused of being a Clorox junkie. And it’s only 7:45. Whoo-ha!

Kris from Random Mentality – I’ve already decided the blogger barclose mantra (best said with a pronounced slur: “I’ll link you in the morning!” Nelle says hi, too. We’ve already started debating politics. Woo-hoo!

Jarod from One Brick Shy-Wow, quite a little showing we got here, putting some faces to the blogs. I’m trying to break 500, always seem to want to change settings to keep people on my feet. Check back often, should be somewhat entertaining! Yay me!

Stefanie from Bob I’m the only lib that showed up. I’m drowning is a sea of right-wingers. Someone help me.
BTW, no hot young single guys here. Crap.

Kris from Random Mentality has been elected to host the next Bash in Iowa City. She read it here first!

Yes, I am late in posting this. I was up way past my bedtime. And we spent some time at Merrit's picking Brenna up. Who was, we were told, an angel (of course) and that they all love her. Little Peanut helped change the diaper and Dear Son actually put her to sleep!

But now I am running out the door to a family function... it's too early for this!

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