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Nap Time

>> Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Brenna naps

You are viewing an amazing photo. My daughter has just fallen asleep, in her toy tunnel. As my family can attest Brenna does not like to nap. I makes her very angry. Maybe she thinks she's missing something? But, here it is, 8:40 am, and she's napping. Early, too. She only got out of bed at 7am.

Brenna has been sleeping through the night for about a month. Which my sister says is amazing because breat fed babies usually don't. And she gets a good 11 hours in- 8pm to 7am. I'm sure she wakes up in the night and plays with her fingers.

But, back to my tale. Anytime I put her down for a nap she gets very angry. Let her cry it out, you say? Tried that. She will scream 30 minutes straight, at the top of her lungs until you are sure she will make herself sick. Pick her up and she stops. Lull her to sleep and then place her in her crib? Done that. She wakes up mere moments later and quite pissed of.

But she goes to bed very easily and sleeps all night. So should I count my blessings for that & just let her set her own schedule for sleep? Or should I really try to get her on some sort of napping schedule? Or will she become more tired during the day when she gets more active? (Which shouldn't be long as we have begun to roll over a little.)

I really want to shower but I don't want to move her...lest I wake the beast. :)

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