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Here's Your Sign

>> Friday, February 04, 2005

A hat tip to Bill Engvall.

I had bunches of errands to do today as nothing got done while I had 3 kids. I had to make a quick stop at the fabric store to pick up boning to fix Brenna's tunnel gym. Since that was all I had to get I didn't bother with a cart, just toted her carrier around the store.

I swing through the front of the store, grab the boning, schlepp to the rear of the store to get a yard cut, then back to the front to pay. I get to the register and sit the carrier on the floor. The woman at the register in front of me looks at me, looks at the carrier and says... get ready for it...

"You got a baby in there?"

"Nope, bricks. I'm trying to get mommy arms without actually being a mommy. Here's your sign."

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