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>> Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Everywhere in the news is the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. New Orleans dominates the coverage; probably because it is such a destination city. But Buloxi, Mississippi is just gone. Wow. That's about all I can say. Wow.

In a way this feels like 9/11. I'm in shock as I look at the pictures, hear the tales of loss, see the devistation. I am just in awe of nature's power. And I am saddened by the history that we have most probably lost. That area of the south is irreplaceable; the mansions in the Garden District, the plantations throughout the area, the antiques, manuscripts, and other items those homes held.

I am sickened by the people looting stores for things like TVs, computers & jewelry. The father of a police oficer from Jefferson Parish was on the Glenn Beck Show today. His daughter, a police officer, told him that she wasn't sure if she would get out of her patrol alive- the looters of the jewelry stores had snipers shooting at police. How wrong is that? And where are they going to put them? It's not like they have homes to go back to...

People who ride through these things year after year amaze me with their determination and stamina. I don't think I could rebuild. But most do.

I also heard that 95% of our oil refineries- which supply 25% of our fuel- are out of commission due to the storm. Holy cow. Gas prices jumped 20 cents per gallon. I wonder what the next couple of weeks hold?

StormAid is a Red Cross affiliate. Go there to see how you can help.

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