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Like A Burr...

>> Monday, August 08, 2005

In my ass. Brenna is a bit clingy today; probably due to all the commotion this past week. I just got her settled down in front of Baby Beethoven so I could enjoy a cup of tea and write you all a quick note. Maybe later today I will get through "My Favorites" and visit everyone!

I heard from E this morning. She is at the clinic in Mpls and sounds more like herself.

We had another open house yesterday; the realtor said that we had 4 "lookers". One guy who stopped said that he really wanted a 3-stall garage. So why did he stop? Our house has a two-car garage; it's obvious just looking at it from a distance. Moron. Another was looking at houses for her mother who is moving up from Arkansas. Now that would be nice- no "I'll buy it if my house sells" crap. The realtor said that all the comments were positive... we'll see what transpires.

Loads of laundry to be done today. But no house cleaning! Must go to the grocery store... ugh.

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