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Who Knew?

>> Thursday, August 25, 2005

As I compose this Brenna is ignoring Baby Einstein on the 100" TV and has bypassed all her toys in favor of emptying shelves and boxes in my office. Yep, no pricy toys needed in this house. (Which is why I buy most stuff at a steep discount *Thank you Target!* or at garage sales.)

We spent much of our day out & about. First we had to go to a photo studio in Des Moines to have Brenna's passport photos taken. For those of you who plan to get passports for young 'uns, most passport photo stations can't do them. Huh... who knew? Something to do with the dimensions and lighting. So we did that.

Then to Half Price Books, which is only half as bad as a regualr book store. They stole, ahem, I sold a few books to them for $6 and I spent $23 on others. So I owed them $17. I took in more books than I bought. How does that work?

We visited grandma at work and had lunch with her. Then downtown to drop off the pictures at the passport office. A quick stop at the Metro Market for milk (yes, it is worth the trip just for the milk) and a not-so-quick jaunt through Wal-Mart.

And Brenna had had it. So, we're home. I'll have to go to Target later, alone. Doug's cousin is getting married & her bridal shower is Saturday. I was told that she was registered at Wal-Mart, so we went there. She wasn't. So now I have to go to Target.


Today I leave you with a picture of Ross Castle, outside the village of Killarney, in County Kerry. The original tower is open for tours. Definately not the romantic version of a castle, but impressive nonetheless.

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