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>> Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I just got off the phone with our travel agent. When I initially booked our trip to Ireland I followed her recommendation and did not book a seat for Brenna- against my gut feeling. Since she is under 2 we can hold her on our laps.

I wasn't worried about her being fussy. I didn't worry about Doug or I being uncomfortable. But my gut kept telling me that if we hit any turbulence the possibility of her being hurt, even the smallest possibility, was too big for me.

So I called our travel agent back and purchased a seat for her. Of course, since it wasn't part of our package it cost more. But it's a small price for her safety. Plus... she is used to sleeping in her car seat.

And now we're off to get her passport. Wheee! But not before I leave you with a bit of my last trip to the Emerald Isle.

This is the church yard at Kilmalkedar Church on the Dingle Peninsula. It was built in the 12th century and fell in to ruin during the Reformation when Catholic worship was illegal. The early Christian cross on the right has been buried by the rising ground which gives it the odd proportion. To the left of the cross is an Ogham Stone. It stood here 900 years before the church was built marking a holy spot. The hole drilled in the center was used to bind agreements- people would link fingers inside the hole therefore making their agreement binding. The stone is notched with Morris code-type script used by the Celts from the 3rd to the 7th centuries.

The feeling you get being in such an ancient place is indescribable. It made me feel insignificant and spiritual. And strangely peaceful. I took a bit of "the Irish" along on my travels and shared it with those who still inhabit these areas.

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