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SPF- Relaxing? What is that?

>> Friday, August 12, 2005

After just dumping Brenna into her crib, wide awake, for a much needed nap I realized it is Self Portrait Friday. YIKES! Where did my week go? The lovely Katy says today is about relaxing.

Relaxing? I have no idea what that means! We tried to relax yesterday...until a Realtor called and shot my plans all to hell. Here we are vegging out to Sesame Street:

Otherwise, my relaxing is done about 10pm. I call it sleep. LOL

And now I am off to do some laundry, make a 4-layer Mexican dip for a party tonight, pick up toys, prepare Brenna's pictures for mailing... and then I get to go see Merrit & the CoffeeKids. They really just want to see Brenna... I'm just the driver. LOL

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