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>> Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's almost midnight. After pumping fluids back in to E and giving her morphine and lorazepam (for anxiety) through IV she has been released for the evening. We made a visit to the pharmacy for prescriptions of vicadin & lorazepam to hold her through until we can get in to see the guy at the treatment center tomorrow. She is sleeping. A small relief.

This is possibly the most heartbreaking thing to see. As she shook with cold and was sweating... begging for more blankets that wouldn't help because the cold was inside... watching her eyes roll back in her head... seeing what appeared to be siezures... I just can't begin to describe this in any sort of vivid reality.

Before we took her to the hospital this evening I was calling all over Des Moines about treatment. It is almost impossible to get help. All these places were telling me that we needed to come in for evaluations- could we set an appointment for next week? No wonder so many addicts never get clean. It is easier to get the drugs than to get off them. sigh

Ah, well, things to get done before I can give E a done of painkillers and catch a bit of sleep before the next round. Thank you all for your kind words.

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