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Unknown Iowa Hero

>> Monday, August 29, 2005

State29 should be one of your regular reads. Today they've reported on Iowa boy Armand McCormick. He was awarded a Silver Star for his heroism in Iraq. State29 does a search for his name in Iowa based newspapers and finds <drum roll> absolutely no mention of his service</drum roll>. It seems that the Iowa papers are too busy reporting casualties to notice the heroes.

Also noted is liberal activists and professors on campus not liking their world-view challenged by vets returning from combat to civilian life. Vets challenging anti-warrior types get the "why don't you go over and serve" mantra.

From the NRO article:

The Left has adopted the mantra that it opposes the war but supports our soldiers. Those veterans visiting campuses tell a different story; the early fault lines forming on our nation's campuses do not portend hopeful signs.

I too have be the recipient of a hastily flung "why don't you serve" comment. It usually means that they've lost the argument. Anyway, my comeback is "been there, done that, got the medals to prove it." Okay, it was Desert Storm and as a driver for colonels and generals, my war was very different than today's soldiers. I have also used "If you support the terrorists so much, why don't you strap on an explosive vest and go blow yourself up?"

UPDATE: Related: The Media Quagmire, how the media misrepresented the American/South Vietnamese victory during the Tet offensive in Vietnam and are continuing in that tradition today.

UPDATE 2: via Lorie's roundup of Iraq War posts here's Hitch, A War to Be Proud Of The case for overthrowing Saddam was unimpeachable. Why, then, is the administration tongue-tied?

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