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Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

>> Sunday, August 14, 2005

Now, I know that if Lars sees that title he will break out in song. Yep, America's Favorite Fair kicked off a few days ago.

We set off yesterday afternoon for our first fair experience of the year. We had plans to meet some people Doug used to work with at 5 and, knowing that Brenna wouldn't last too long past that, we got there about 2:30.

You have to love the families around the fairgrounds... The family whose yard we parked in probably had a turnover of 200 cars a day (they had a a couple of acres) at $5 each. Let's see, $1000/day for 13 days... That's a decent back-to-school-clothing fund.

After entering the fair our first stop was for slow-roasted beef sandwiches. Followed by a quick visit to the "old-time" soda fountian. Brenna was so excited... chatting up everyone around us and enjoying ice cream.

After filling our tummies we wandered around, trying to avoid the tractor-pulled trollies and the people who didn't seem to see the huge freakin' stroller I was pushing.

We wandered in to the Varied Industries building and in between all the booths selling spas, promoting colleges and demonstrating all those "As Seen on TV" products was the Iowa Republican Party. Doug did a lot of volunteer work with the Republicans last year so he knew quite a few of the people there. And they had a "special guest".

Doug bought a copy of his new book, the conclusion of a Civil War trilogy. Doug had him sign it to Brenna.

We wandered around some more; got out of the noisy buildings so Brenna could nap. We maneuvered our way through some barns, careful to avoid any "packages" the animals may have left. The sidewalks were safer:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And what would the fair be without a corndog? Brenna & I shared one while Doug purchased a bucket of fresh-made, deep-fried potato chips. I did take string cheese, milk & a banana along for Brenna, as well. Can't fill her with crap, you know. Not for a couple of years, anyway.

We will return to the fair Tuesday to join my brothers and possibly my sister's family. I'll try to get more photos of some uniquely midwest sights... I'll even take requests... Iowa's largest boar, anyone? Or the biggest bull? Tractor trollies? What would you like to see?

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