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My Tardy KOK Post... and Other Monday Occurences

>> Monday, July 18, 2005

OK, I am behind on posting this. I will not say "late" due to the widespread panic the last time I used that word.

So everyone mosey on over to Katy's for this week's Karnival of Kidz.

Next week is my turn to host so I'll be sure to remind everyone later this week to get submissions in.

Why am I so tardy in my post today? Well, I'll tell you. After getting up at 7am and feeding Brenna and performing all that goes in to my morning ritual (none of which is for me) I watched my sister's boys for a while then prepared to take Brenna to her house so I could go to the dentist.

My dentist is about 1 1/2 hours away. He charges about half of what I would pay to have the same work done here. So today, as I had a cleaning and a crown, I drove 3 hours and saved about $510. Definately worth the drive as we don't have dental coverage.

I arrive back at my sister's, chat a bit, pack Brenna in to the car & bring her home- where she proceeds to cling to me like a barnacle on a boat for about 2 hours. She didn't even want to let daddy give her a bath. Yep, my daughter doesn't have an addiction to a pacifier or a blankie. Her addiction is to me. She has just gone to bed and I am preparing some chicken to top a salad. I'm starving.

After dinner I will do a couple loads of laundry, resume cleaning on the house and maybe, if I am lucky, shower.

The End

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