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Way Back Wednesday

>> Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Let me begin this with the explanation that this was the 80's.

Let's start with Junior Prom. 1988; you can tell it was the 80's by the gloves & big ruffles. At my high school you could only go to prom if you were a junior or a senior. No one else was allowed. At this time I was dating a guy who was out of school. I guess he must have been 21. He was a loser, ummm, musician; yeah, that's what I meant. So I went to prom with a friend that I worked with. The theme was "Stairway to Heaven". Did I ever mention that I grew up in a small town? Yep, Led Zepplin was- and probably still is- worshipped down there. Anyway, I liked the dress well enough. I wanted black shoes & gloves but my mom said that "Only hookers wear red & black together". I still think it would have looked better...

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Flash forward to Senior Prom. 1989; more ruffles accompanied by lace & shoulder pads. At this time I had actually graduated from high school and was enrolled in cosmetology school (I graduated at semester, I had taken all the school had to offer). Don't you love my hairextention? I was still dating the loser and again went with a friend that I worked with. The theme: All That Jazz. Seems the junior class (who threw the party for the seniors) had a bit more class than we did.

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As you can see I had a soft spot for geeks even then. I wouldn't date them, of course...

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