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Because I Don't Have Enough To Do

>> Thursday, July 14, 2005

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Doug and I had planned to begin house hunting and put our house on the market in about six months. Well, we found a house on the market that we fell in love with.

It has an acre & a half of wooded land, a wet bar, stone fireplaces, a jacuzzi tub... Of course finding this house moved our plans forward a bit. As of yesterday our house is officially for sale. And I am doing what must be done...

Cleaning. Every inch of the house. Easier said than done with Brenna crawling everywhere and pulling herself to standing by grabbing my pants. She is sleeping now and the oven is cleaning. Soon I will have to do my part.

The realtor just came by to get the keys. The signs are in the yard. The description sheets are out. Just over 2 years ago I sold my house in St Paul to move into Doug's house. Now we will buy "our" house.

That makes me incredibly happy.

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