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When I'm 40

>> Saturday, July 30, 2005

I want to be Diane Lane. I don't want to be like her, I want to be her. My SIL and I took a mini girl's-night and saw Must Love Dogs. It was cute in a very it-could-happen-just-this-way style. Total chick flick but so well done that I think my husband might have enjoyed it. I love John Cusack. And I've become enamored of Diane Lane since Under the Tuscan Sun.

My goal for today: to not get out of my pajamas. Yep, I want to schlep about in my pjs all day long. Even though I'm up earlier than I planned to be and it is gorgeous outside and the Farmer's Market is today and I would really love some fresh veggies and flowers... Ugh... So difficult to slow down... So difficult...


I have a question for all you mothers out there. When did you switch your young ones to milk? I am still nursing Brenna, had planned to do so until she was about a year old. I am slowly weaning her and we are down to 2 nursings and 2 servings of expressed milk per day. I have noticed that recently that my production is down. (Man, do I feel like a dairy farmer with that sentence. ) Brenna has never had formula and I am not about to buy any. And, to top it off, I woke with my first menstural cycle since she was born. (TMI? This is why I told you men to stop reading. I have to be honest, 18 months without a period was awesome.) So I know the hormones are lessening and the drop in production will continue. And I know that my doctor won't approve of the idea of milk just yet. He didn't approve of her eating food as early as she wanted to, either.

So, when did you give your youngster milk? Did you mix it in a little at a time? Brenna has been enjoying yogurt and cheese for months. She had her first pizza last night. Tips and tricks, please!

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