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Tip: Actually Using Coupons Helps Save Money

>> Monday, January 19, 2009

I've always considered myself organized and prepared. But when it came to using the coupons I clipped I was forgetting to use them before they expired or I would let them pile up and become overwhelmed.

About a month ago I entered a contest at One House Schoolroom to win a Couponizer. I figured it couldn't hurt...

Well, I won.
This nifty little kit included everything I needed to keep my coupons organized.

I admit to being skeptical at first, but I gave it a try. Each page in the Couponizer is a pocket. This is really handy. I now have a pocket for coupons to be used during my shopping trip and coupons that expire this month (so I don't forget about them). There is even a handy spot to hold my store savings cards.

The coupon sections are divided into categories so they are easy to find: baby, baking, canned goods, pasta, household, cleaning, etc. (Much more organized than my 5 sections) There are also pockets for those coupons I always forgot: fast food & restaurants, services, retail shops... And a refund/rebate pocket.

Until I got the Couponizer I didn't track my savings. Now I do using the handy CoupTracker that's included.

My only problem with the Couponizer? The shopping list is too small to fit all my purchases onto one list. ( Easily remedied by scanning two of the sheets and printing them on a single piece of paper.) Other than that the only other issue I have is (again) Why didn't I think of this?

If you're trying to use coupons and save money this is a great way to get started. Or, if you're like me and just want to be more organized, I can honestly say that this is a helpful tool. The Couponizer sells for $19.95 (which is less than I saved using coupons during one shopping trip).


Anonymous 4:32 PM  

And you can find a coupon generator to print all your coupons over at IowaMoms.net. :)

I am finding couponing ADDICTING. I'm actually make a CVS, Walgreens and Target run tomorrow morning while everyone is in school.

Did I just say that? Everyone in school. Seems too good to be true.


The Fritz Facts 6:54 AM  

I always forget to use my coupons, I hate that. But this is something that might work for me too. Thanks!

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