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>> Friday, January 23, 2009

Usually Brenna has Lunch Bunch on Fridays between gymnastics class and preschool. Today, however, no one else came so the activity was canceled. It was heartbreaking to see her cry on Miss Kristen, the teacher; she really looks forward to Lunch Bunch every Friday.

Caelan and I had planned (OK, I had planned, Caelan has no choice but to tag along) a stop at Target on the way home so we just made a little adjustment and did our shopping then had our own Lunch Bunch in Snack Avenue (I think it's something like that...) at Target.

As we were taking Brenna back to school she announced, "Mom, you don't need to take me into school. I can do it myself; I've got it all under control."

She's 4. And she's got it "all under control".

Heaven help me.

So I called the school to make sure that would be ok. They know us well and said it would be fine.

We pulled up in front of the school, I let her out of the car, gave her a kiss and sent her on her way. As she ran to the door she turned to wave, the smile on her face spread from ear to ear. She was so proud of herself.

As I watched she pulled open the heavy doors and entered. She did, indeed, have it "all under control".

And my heart broke just a tiny bit.


Jennifer 8:40 AM  

Yesterday my almost 8 year old Connor made dinner for us. Washed and put the potatoes in the microwave, took the chicken out of the freezer and put it on a baking sheet, turned the oven to the right temp, and put them in (with Adam helping him) then he took the veggies out of the freezer put them in the pot and then put them on the stove(Adam then turned the stove on)
Then he set the table, and got the stuff out of the fridge. He was soooooo happy he was allowed to "do it all"

The Fritz Facts 9:40 AM  

How sweet, but how hard. It is hard when they grow up without us knowing it. I get so suprised everytime Boo does something new, she is still my little girl.

Elaine 12:45 PM  

awweeee.. so sweet :) she's such a bright little one :)

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