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A Necessary Day Away

>> Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brenna and I took a much needed day away from home to visit my grandparent's farm in southwest Iowa. It's calving season and they had a new born in the barn. It didn't do much so Brenna's interest was short. Same with the pig. But she really liked the bigger cows in the pen. Her tiny stature spooked the cows and made them run and "moo". To which Brenna replied "boooo" and clapped her hands.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We had great fun looking at animals and picking flowers with great-grandma. Unfortunately great-grandpa scared Brenna and she was leery of him for the entire visit. Not even a bowl of ice cream helped.

On the way home we stopped at DSW because I needed a pair of shoes for an event this Saturday. I also picked up a pair of cute, cute, cute go-with-anything sandals. I planned to wear them today and was a bit sad when Brenna wore them first.

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Is this a preview of things to come? If so we'll have a huge shoe collection. Poor Doug.

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