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A Day Without Who?

>> Friday, April 28, 2006

I anyone else almost completely nuts over this illegal immigrant quagmire?

The state of Iowa has received notice of 40 businesses that will be closed Monday to honor National Day Without Immigrants.

I have two problems with the above statement. One: why isn't it being called what it really is- National Day Without Illegal Immigrants- and two: honor? What honor is there in breaking the law? Because if you are here illegally you are breaking the law. And if you employ illegal immigrants you are breaking the law. Where is the honor in either of those?

The California state senate has issued support for the walkout. I saw a quote in the article that really bothered me:

"It's one day ... for immigrants to tell the country peacefully, 'We matter ... (we're) not invisible,'" said Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, the resolution's chief author. She said immigrants make up a third of California's labor force and a quarter of its residents.

Now, that leads me to the question: are one quarter of California's labor force illegal? Or have some of them gone through the long and often tedious process of becoming citizens? I think the lines between illegal and legal immigrants are intentionally being blurred.

I personally don't think that the problem people have is with the immigrants themselves. We live in a great country with many opportunities and freedoms that we take for granted because we have always had them. Of course people want to come here!

I think that the problem the majority of Americans have with this is that our laws are being intentionally broken and the people who break them are being supported not only by those we depend on to uphold our laws but also by our tax dollars.

Laws are created for a reason and it is important that they be upheld. Period.

I can't get in to another country- including Mexico- without showing proper ID or passport and stating how long I plan to stay. If I were to overstay my visa I would surely be sent home the minute I was found. If I were to sneak across the southern border of the US I would be jailed immediately and I'm sure I wouldn't be offered any sort of welfare.

Why the double standard? Because we are Americans and should feel guilty for our freedoms and accomplishments? I believe people worked hard, risked their lives and died (and still do) for our country to be what it is. I know my ancestors did. Doug's did, too. What our country is was not free. Freedom isn't free. And if we, as a nation, are not careful, we will divide as we did 150 years ago and be facing another civil war.

It is important that we be Americans first and foremost.

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