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Another Busy Weekend

>> Monday, April 24, 2006

Brenna has learned how to climb almost everything in the house- including our tall barstool type kitchen chairs. Nothing is safe from her little hands now. She tried to climb a heavy wood TV tray-type table on Saturday and pulled it over on top of her. She is sporting a bruise on her cheek. Luckily she's a tough little cookie and the tears lasted only for a few minutes.

Another mass mailing is on it's way out. Hours were spent addressing, folding, stuffing & stamping. And it's not quite finished. Our assistants- my family- were rewarded with grilled goodies, beverages and outdoor frolic. I'm not sure who had more fun- the kids playing or the adult boys hitting balls onto the roof of the house. And getting them stuck.

It's garage sale season. Brenna and I hit quite a few on Friday morning. Unfortunately I only found two outfits for her. We were "off season" for the sizes we wanted. The 18 month sizes were winter and the 24 month sizes were summer. We need just the opposite.

My sister, Jen, told me that she and her boys were talking about the new baby cousin they will have this fall. Jen told Carter that she thinks the baby is a boy. He told her that, "No, it's a girl." He is very adamant about it. I suppose we will see who is right in a few weeks. I imagine I will have another ultrasound around the beginning of June.

"Can you point your fingers and do the twist?" Gack! The Wiggles have permeated my mind! It is officially time to begin the day. Much to do... Places to go...

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