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You knew this was coming

>> Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well, President Obama is in the United Kingdom of Great Britain for the G20 summit. You knew he would do something to screw up our relations with our 19 biggest trading partners didn't you?

Well, evidently, he didn't know that England is only one of the crowns represented in the United Kingdom. As Redstate put it, how would you like it if a head of state came here and used a single state's name when they should have said the United States? That lake of preparedness demonstrates a complete disregard for the history and make up of the UK.

An iPod? Really? Um, she already had one at the advice of her grandson. I found that using Google. In 20 seconds. A staff flunky in the White House should have called a staff flunky in Buckingham Palace and received a list. Just saying.

About the summit itself
: Obama does take some of the blame for the financial mess. That's responsible of him considering liberals in Congress (both side of the aisle) started that ball rolling and human nature filled in the rest. However, he then goes on to pass on the leadership of the recovery. He doesn't say that we will lead the way out, as we have in the past. We need to do it all together, but does nothing to get it started. And everything he has done to date lengthens the time we will be in a recession. Excessive governmental involvement got us in this mess. Getting the government out of the way will get us out of it.

UPDATE: This is sarcasm, but had me going for a moment, considering how graceful the Obama's have been to foreign heads of state.

UPDATE2: Evidently the iPod had Obama speeches loaded going back to when he was a mere state senator. Ummm, okay.

UPDATE3: Dude, the hits just keep on coming. This time from Secretary Clinton's staff. The comedy just writes itself.


Cindy B. of Montana 12:18 AM  

All I can say is...pathetic. Obama continues to amaze me with his lack of leadership, knowledge, and social skills. I swear Mickey and Minnie are in charge at the White House.

cchuff 5:54 AM  

I'm sure he is a very intelligent person, just clueless.

Fantastagirl 7:39 PM  

and apparently Mrs. Obama put her hand on the back of the Queen... it's not a good thing to touch the queen.

Doug H 7:53 PM  

President Obama also bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, thus indicating his subservience to him. A peer would have shook his hand.

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