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It's Amazing How Much a Town & Country Can Hold...

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

So... We're home. I have much to do. Saying much doesn't even begin to describe what I need to do... But I do want to show you something... But I had to show you these photos.

Here is the van packed and ready to go. It's a good thing I enjoy puzzles... Because this was! But I gotta tell you, I LOVE the stow & go storage. WOW! I fit a ton of stuff in there.

What? You don't believe me? Here's all the stuff that was in the van unloaded into the house:
Storage totes, boxes, suitcases, bags... It's almost like a clown car full of stuff puked in my house.

Gotta say, I really, really liked that van. And I'll be sorry to see it go back to the rental company tomorrow. And I need a vehicle (remember- Doug totaled the truck a few months ago) but the expense of the Town & Country isn't anywhere in my budget right now.


Elaine 9:34 PM  

LOVE to see that the girls (Caelen) is proudly using her Tinker Bell pillow! :D makes my day!

Heather 10:22 PM  

A van comment. We have a 05 Town and Country and like it. The stow and go seats are awesome...use them a lot for flexibility, but...i wish we would have went with a Toyota or Honda that offers 8 passenger seating. Something to think about while you're waiting.... Glad your adventure went well, enjoyed your updates.

The Fritz Facts 8:59 AM  

Welcome Home! Glad you are home and safe!

I love the Town and Coutry's, but they are a bit pricey. Good luck on the car hunt!!

red fish 7:56 PM  

Welcome back!

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