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Wanna Come Over?

>> Friday, November 10, 2006

Creme Puffs and Truffles and Cheesecake!
Oh My!

And all homemade. The cheesecake is a lovely pumpkin swirl with a ginger snap crust. Yummy! And these items are to be served with champagne. Mmmmm...

I should warn you that I am hosting a jewelry party tonight. Hence the bribery. My neighbor from the "old neighborhood" became an independent contractor for a jewelry company. Since I am always happy to help someone start their own business I agreed to host a party. Gotta support people who work hard to make a business.

Although as I look out my window I see snow- and hear thunder. Maybe I should serve warm mulled cider instead. Or cocoa with schnapps.

I'm not above getting people drunk so they will spend money. hehe

Just a bit later:

I think I'm living in a snowglobe. There are flakes as big as my palm floating around out there. No accumulation my ass.

And although the photo looks like I took it in B&W it's actually full color. Yep, my world is shades of grey.

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