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Our House

>> Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is a very, very, very nekkid house.

Doug walked outside this morning, came back in and announced, "So, we're the only ones on the block without Christmas lights up."


This I know. I heard the Christmas light rental guys at the neighbor's house yesterday. "Next weekend," I told him. With my living room full of laundry last weekend- from our trip- I was in no condition to add to the confusion by attempting to put up any sort of decorations.

When I was a child my mom had a hard and fast rule that the Christmas tree didn't go up until her birthday- December 18. It was probably to keep the two separate and keep her birthday from being overshadowed but it seemed like torture when I was young.

Everyday in December kids at school would talk about their trees and all the presents accumulating under them. Comparitively our Christmas' (Christmases?) were modest. Not a bad thing in retrospect- we definately didn't take things for granted and we were far from spoiled. Not that it was any consulation when I was begging for a Cabbage Patch doll. Remember when they were over $100 and people fought over them? But now I appreciate that I wasn't just handed everything I wanted. It really does make me appreciate my life now so much more.


I live in a house that could easily have three trees and not feel over done. We have a large picture window that overlooks the back yard, perfect for a tree. Our "formal" dining room faces the street and has a large window that requires some sort of decor. And our basement, where we spend the majority of our family time, has a corner that is termed a "dance floor". Right next to the wet bar it is tiled,the walls are mirrored and speakers are positioned overhead. All it is lacking is a disco ball. That area is perfect for the tree; the lights look so nice reflecting in the mirrors.

So, in the next three & a half weeks -or less-I need to:
finish shopping (mostly online, thank goodness!)
do some baking
find out when extended family stuff is and see if we can work it in to our busy schedule
find a dress for the inevitable work party (must look hot so Doug's co-workers can be jealous)

Sure, along with day to day activites that seems do-able. HA!

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