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Today is Monday

>> Monday, November 13, 2006

Usually the weeks pass by without me giving a thought to the day. Unless it is Thursday - Brenna's play day at the gym - or the weekend - Daddy time! - days just don't matter. Today, however, begins a countdown. I have 5 days to pack, prepare and propose ideas for our odyssey to Texas.

I say odyssey because I just know it will feel like a long wandering journey. As for the changes in fortune, well, according to my MIL there are many gifts awaiting us (baby gifts, birthday gifts and probably Christmas). The change in fortune isn't in the gifts, however, it in in the fact that we are taking the maximum number of bags on the plane and we will have to ship back everything she gives us.

I am a list maker. It helps me feel like I am in control even when life is swirling around me out of control. Things to take (clothes, breast pump, bottles, toys for the plane, toys for the hotel....), things to buy when we get there (diapers, wipes...), things to do before we go (take dog to mom's, make sure cat has enough food & water to survive...).

Today's list includes:
1) Check weather in Dallas so we don't roast in our "northern" clothes or freeze in "southern" clothes.
2) Find out what the airline restrictions are this week. Traveling with a baby and a 2-year-old you know we will be carrying on liquids. I'm not gonna drink breast milk. I don't think Doug will, either.
3) Loads of laundry.
4) Feed the screaming baby. NOW!!!


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