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Early Morning Sounds and Random Thoughts

>> Tuesday, November 28, 2006

As I sit here waiting for Caelan to wake for the day... Did you read that? Waiting for Caelan to wake for the day... Yep, she slept through the night again! I think we will mark this as a trend now and put it in her baby book as official. Yippee!

As I was laying in bed waiting for the same thing I decided that I have officially taken over Iowa Geek and now it can really be termed as a "mommy blog". Doug has been so busy that he hasn't posted in ages. Maybe I should change the name to "If Momma Ain't Happy..."

Brenna sems to have developed a family trait. This one must come from my mom's side of the family as I think all of us kids have done this. Through the monitor I can hear her talking in her sleep. It happens every morning about this time. It's kind of cute, her little sing-song voice soft and sleepy.

Rain is beating against the windows. Yes, rain. We are having a wet winter so far. If the precip keeps up we will have snow by Thursday when the temperature drops. Lots of it. It's a good thing Doug bought me a new snowblower.

Huh, lightning. Weird.

Still waiting on Caelan. I can hear her softly breathing through her monitor. It is taking a lot for me to not go up there.

Potty training is taking some definite steps in the right direction. Brenna has been telling us when she is going, which can make for some messy changes of pants if you aren't careful, and heading for the potty at that time. Yesterday, as Caelan was kind-of nursing mostly just hanging out at my boob, Brenna announced "Poopy mommy, poopy!" And we made it to the potty in time for a tiny bit to make it into the toilet. Celebratory dancing ensued.

Ahhh, I hear my little one waking. Gotta go!

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